All the Beauty in the World : The Metropolitan Museum of Art and Me
패트릭 브링리 ㅣ Simon & Schuster
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2022년 07월 12일
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07/16(화) 배송완료예정
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  • “Exquisite… A beautiful tale about beauty. It is also a tale about grief, balancing solitude and comradeship, and finding joy in both the exalted and the mundane.” ―The Washington Post "An empathic chronicle of one museum, the works collected there and the people who keep it running ― all recounted by an especially patient observer.” ―The New York Times Book Review “As rich in moving insights as the Met is in treasures, All the Beauty in the World reminds us of the importance of learning not “about art, but from it.” This is art appreciation at a profound level.”―NPR “Hauntingly beautiful… A work of art as luminous as the old master paintings that comforted him in his grief.” ―The Associated Press “Told with real literary gusto and an impressive command of pace and shape. After finishing this book, plenty of sensitive readers will be desperate to become museum guards.” ―The Times of London “Consoling and beautiful” ―The Guardian “Bringley’s story overflows with wonder, beauty, and the persistence of hope, as he finds not just solace but meaning and inspiration in the masterpieces that surround him.” ―The Christian Science Monitor “A profound homage to the marvels of a world-class museum and a radiant chronicle of grief, perception, and a renewed embrace of life.” ―Bookpage “Earphones Award Winner… With his engaging voice, Patrick Bringley takes the listener inside New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art in a uniquely personal way.” ―Audiofile “The book works on so many wonderful levels… that at the end you make plans to visit the book again, perhaps this time with it under your arm on your next visit to the Met.” ―Air Mail “This absorbing memoir is also a beautifully written manual on how to appreciate art, and life. It’s a must-read for art lovers” ―Tracy Chevalier, author of Girl with a Pearl Earring “Patrick Bringley offers an intimate perspective on one of the world’s greatest institutions. But All the Beauty in the World is about much more: the strange human impulse to make art, the mystery of experiencing art, and what role art can play in our lives. What a gift.” ―Rumaan Alam, author of Leave the World Behind “This book makes me yearn to have Patrick Bringley at my side in every museum I will visit for the rest of my life. Having a copy of All the Beauty in the World in my purse will be the next best thing.”―Hope Jahren, author of Lab Girl and The Story of More “Illuminating and transformative experiences shared by a guard from one of the world’s greatest museums. Patrick Bringley is a lucky guy.”―Kerry James Marshall, artist, Mastry retrospective at the Met “Simply wonderful. This funny, moving, beautifully written book takes the reader on a journey that unfolds as epiphanies. It is a testament to the capacity of art to illuminate life.” ―Keith Christiansen, Curator Emeritus, the Metropolitan Museum of Art “An astounding book about an astounding place. All the Beauty in the World is at once a keenly intelligent examination of...
  • Chapter Page Author's Note ix I The Grand Staircase 1 II Windows 15 III A Pieta 25 IV Of Millions of Years 35 V Further Shores 55 VI Flesh and Blood 67 VII Cloisters 83 VIII Sentinels 89 IX Kouros 105 X The Veteran 123 XI Unfinished 143 XII Days' Work 153 XIII As Much as I Can Carry 167 Acknowledgments 179 Artworks Referenced in the Text 181 Bibliography 217
  • Chapter I: The Grand Staircase I. THE GRAND STAIRCASE In the basement of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, below the Arms and Armor wing and outside the guards’ Dispatch Office, there are stacks of empty art crates. The crates come in all shapes and sizes; some are big and boxy, others wide and depthless like paintings, but they are uniformly imposing, heavily constructed of pale raw lumber, fit to ship rare treasures or exotic beasts. On the morning of my first day in uniform I stand beside these sturdy, romantic things, wondering what my own role in the museum will feel like. At the moment I am too absorbed by my surroundings to feel like much of anything. A woman arrives to meet me, a guard I am assigned to shadow, called Aada. Tall and straw haired, abrupt in her movements, she looks and acts like an enchanted broom. She greets me with an unfamiliar accent (Finnish?), beats dandruff off the shoulders of my dark blue suit, frowns at its poor fit, and whisks me away down a bare concrete corridor where signs warn: Yield to Art in Transit. A chalice on a dolly glides by. We climb a scuffed staircase to the second floor, passing a motorized scissor lift (for hanging paintings and changing light bulbs, I’m told). Tucked beside one of its wheels is a folded Daily News, a paper coffee cup, and a dog-eared copy of Hermann Hesse’s Siddhartha. “Filth,” Aada spits. “Keep personal items in your locker.” She pushes through the crash bar of a nondescript metal door and the colors switch on Wizard of Oz?style as we face El Greco’s phantasmagoric landscape, the View of Toledo. No time to gape. At Aada’s pace, the paintings fly by like the pages of a flip-book, centuries rolling backward and forward, subject matter toggling between the sacred and profane, Spain becoming France becoming Holland becoming Italy. In front of Raphael’s Madonna and Child Enthroned with Saints, almost eight feet tall, we halt. “This is our first post, the C post,” Aada announces. “Until ten o’clock we will stand here. Then we will stand there. At eleven we will stand on our A post down there. We will wander a bit, we will pace, but this, my friend, is where we are. Then we will get coffee. I suppose that this is your home section, the old master paintings?” I tell her yes, I believe so. “Then you are lucky,” she continues. “You will be posted in other sections too eventually―one day ancient Egypt, the next day Jackson Pollock―but Dispatch will post you here your first few months and after that, oh, sixty percent of your days. When you are here”―she stamps twice―“wood floors, easy on the feet. You might not believe it, my friend, but believe it. A twelve-hour day on wood is like an eight-hour day on marble. An eight-hour day on wood is like nothing. Pfft, your feet will barely hurt.” We appear to be in the High Renaissance galleries. On every wall, imposing paintings hang from skinny copper wires. The room, too, is imposing, perhaps forty feet by twenty, with egress through double-wi...
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  • 대학 졸업 후 《뉴요커》에 4년간 몸담았다. 엠파이어 스테이트 빌딩이 보이는 뉴욕 한복판에서 성공을 꿈꾸며 치열하게 커리어를 쌓아가던 어느 날, 각별한 사이였던 형이 갑자기 암 투병 끝에 세상을 떠나는 비극을 겪는다. 2008년 가을 다니던 직장을 그만두고 ‘세계 3대 미술관’이라 불리는 뉴욕 메트로폴리탄 미술관의 경비원이 되어 그곳에 있는 300만 점의 예술 작품을 지키게 된다. 2018년, 10년간 근무했던 메트로폴리탄 미술관을 떠나 뉴욕 도보 여행 가이드로 일하며 미술관에서 보낸 시간을 회고한 『나는 메트로폴리탄 미술관의 경비원입니다(All the Beauty in the World)』를 집필했다. 현재 브루클린 선셋파크에서 사랑스러운 아내, 그리고 두 아이와 함께 살며 비정기적으로 메트로폴리탄 미술관 투어를 진행하고 있다.
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해외주문배송 서비스는 인터파크 도서 회원 가입을 하셔야만 신청 가능합니다.
도매상 및 제작사 사정에 따라 품절/절판 등의 사유로 취소될 수 있습니다.
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유통의 특성상 출고기간은 예정보다 앞당겨지거나 늦춰질 수 있습니다.
택배사 배송일인 서울 및 수도권은 1~2일, 지방은 2~3일, 도서, 산간, 군부대는 3일 이상의 시간이 소요됩니다.
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